Self Photo (2014-08)Born and raised in metro Detroit, professionally I come from 18 years as a restaurateur, followed by 10 years in the automotive industry, and in 2005 established myself as a federally licensed health, life and disability advisor and field underwriter.

I am joyfully married to a beautiful lady with the gift of two strong and healthy sons. I live in Rochester Hills and serve in both the Rochester and Romeo chambers.

I chose to partner with Chuck Richards from the onset of my career, who established AC Financial Group. Our primary business focus is helping individuals, families, self-employed and small business owners build a solid foundation of medical and income protection, tailoring each plan to the exclusive needs of 1000’s of clients.

Considering that 60% of all bankruptcies and foreclosures are caused by medical issues, and 75 of those had health insurance, it goes without saying a good number of

Americans have underestimated the value of their earning power. Without your paycheck, how long would you be able to make your mortgage or rent payment, buy groceries or pay your bills?

This is why income protection plays a key role in our financial foundation of security. It ensures if we are unable to work because of illness or injury, income continues until we’re able to return to work.  Statistically one in four 25 year olds will endure a long-term disability, and 43% of 40 year olds as well.

None of us anticipate these unforeseen events, yet we continue to pay for health insurance, which is also for what we never expect to happen. If we insure our home, car and other valuable possessions, why wouldn’t we also protect what is essentially our most valuable asset; the ability to pay for all these things?

AC Financial’s portfolio of 100+ year established, A-Rated life and disability carriers is unmatched in this industry, including plans that require no proof-of- income.

You are not committing to anything when you call me, and there is no cost to see if you can get approved for any plan you decide fits your budget and needs. My pledge is that you will be amazed and overwhelmingly pleased at how affordable it is to protect your most valuable asset.