Self Photo (2014-08)

Family and Career History:

Born and raised in greater Detroit, I have lived in Michigan my entire life.

I am joyfully and gratefully married to an amazing women, friend and partner for over 25 years, who also blessed us with two handsome and healthy sons.  We, like most Americans, strive for a healthy life and solid financial future.

Professionally I come from 18 years as a restaurateur beginning at age 12, followed by 10 years in the automotive industry, and in 2005 became certified as a federally licensed health, life and disability advisor and field underwriter.

AC Financial:

I partnered with Chuck Richards from the onset of my insurance career, who established AC Financial Group with the primary focus of helping individuals, families, and business owners build a solid foundation of medical and income protection so unforeseen circumstances don’t hinder our financial goals.

Our objective is simple:  Eliminate monetary chaos during and after life’s unexpected events.  We don’t need money shortfalls added to the emotional stress and extra responsibility on family members caused by a serious injury or illness to a loved one.

With over 60% of bankruptcies and foreclosures being a direct result of medical issues, even though over 75% had health insurance, too many Americans underestimate the value of their ability to work and sustain the income that provides for their livelihood.

A family’s life can be turned upside down in a split second due to an accident, critical illness or death.  We’re changing the way Americans think about healthcare and financial protection, providing innovative Medical and Living Benefit Insurance Plans paying Large Lump-Sum Cash Payouts to help cover costs associated with a major accident, chronic condition or critical illness.

No one anticipates the unforeseen, yet we insure our health, home and car, amongst other assets.

What is often overlooked is essentially our most valuable asset; the ability to pay for all these things if we’re unable to work.  Income protection allows one to focus on recovery without draining their life’s savings or assets, holding charity dinners, or asking family and social websites for money.

AC Financial Group manages dozens of 100+ year established, A-Rated carriers, covering every probable health issue and loss of income.  Best of all, many offer 100% return of premiums if the benefits are never needed.  That’s right; no claims = all your money back.  Wouldn’t it be great if our auto insurance told us they would return all our paid premiums in 20 years if we didn’t have an accident?

With the right program, you can live in confidence with benefits that will help Pay Your Bills, Protect Your Savings and Assets, and Secure Your Family’s Lifestyle during your working years all while Saving for Your Future tax-free.